Thursdays • 5pm – 8pm
May 11 – Sept 14, 2023
Briggs Street between Wells and Moffatt • Erie 80516
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Erie Farmers Market seeks to support Colorado farms and businesses by providing Erie and surrounding communities with a dynamic and inviting market that is beneficial to both its vendors and customers by emphasizing the importance of buying local products

We are pleased to bring locally grown fruits and vegetables, meats, eggs, artisan breads, honey, cheese, coffee, baked goods, natural body care, massage and much more to this wonderful community.

Our farmers sell Colorado-grown organic, transitional and pesticide-free vegetables. Our orchard keepers bring organic and conventional fruit from Palisades, Colorado. The quality and diversity of our vendors’ produce and products promises you an exciting shopping experience in a friendly, family atmosphere. And shopping locally benefits our Colorado farms, the environment, the community and the economy.

We are sure you will enjoy your visit!

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Vendors for May 25, 2023

Farms • Orchards • Flowers • Plants

All of our farms are GMO free.

  • Eat A Peach Farms

    Always at the Market!

    Colorado grown fruits and vegetables
    100% Non GMO and farming with organic techinques

  • Green Yams LLC

    Always at the Market!

    Matcha Based teas. I offer Matcha & Lion’s mane Mushroom(I grow and make Lion’s mane powder), Match&Cacao, and CBD& Matcha. I offer a premade Drink with the Matcha & Lion’s Mane and Matcha and Cacao.

    I also grow gourmet mushrooms. I grow 4 types of oysters and Lion’s mane mushrooms, I grow reishi as well, but I mainly grow that to turn into powders. I also make a mushroom drink powder called Mushroom Brew.

  • Longs Peak Lettuce LLC

    Green leaf lettuce
    Red leaf lettuce
    Salad mixes
    Water cress
    Red Vein Sorrell

  • sensAble learning LLC

    Services: I am a lifelong educator who offers family literacy classes, creativity courses and literacy tutoring.

    Goods: I’ve begun a maker’s passion project crafting flower pots, art pieces and other useful items out of discarded or hard to recycle materials.

  • Tabor Acres

    Always at the Market!

    Tabor Acres is a family owned and operated flower farm, providing our community with locally grown cut flowers from our farm located in Lafayette CO. We sell what we grow! Tabor acres is not organic certified however we do use all organic products and green farming methods.

Health • Wellness • Beauty

  • Alpine Meadow Aromatics

    Always at the Market!

    Alpine Meadow Aromatics is proud to offer locally produced all-natural soap, facial care, hair care and body care products made from scratch in Lyons, Colorado using sustainable, eco-friendly ingredients.

    Our product lines currently include a wide variety of soaps, body washes, beard oils, beard balms, shave soaps, bar shampoos, hair conditioners, hand creams, cuticle balms, foaming muscle soaks, bath salts, and massage oils, as well as facial masks, cleansers, and toners.

    All products are made with minimal additives only when necessary for product safety. Any preservatives used are approved by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Packaging is recyclable glass, aluminum, or paper wherever possible.

  • Naked Herbs Co

    Always at the Market!

    Organic herbal tea blends for healing the body. Natural linen/room sprays. A small natural body care line of products that includes a hair tonic spray, a charcoal body scrub, herbal hand balm, and a natural bug repellent.

  • Purple Fence Farm LLC

    Herbal body care – Herbal balms, salves, mineral bath salt blends, bar soap, lotion, face care, herbal bath blends, body oil, herbal steams, Therapy pillows, Lip balm, and more! Product is all infused with herbs grown through organic practices as well as some ethically wild-harvested.

  • Rosebuds Apothecary

    Handcrafted herbal teas, elixirs and botanical potions created by a clinical herbalist and designed just for you.

    Whether you have difficulty sleeping, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances, skin ailments or just in need of daily nourishment our specialty apothecary creates handmade concoctions for you and your needs.

Jewelry • Art • Clothing

Packaged & Prepared Goods

  • Autumns Harvest Granola

    Always at the Market!

    Autumn’s Harvest Granola is small-batch granola made with plant-based and nourishing ingredients in Northern Colorado.

  • Bjorns Colorado Honey

    Always at the Market!

    Björn’s Colorado Honey offers local Colorado honey, CBD honey and bee-pollen plus European-made bee-based skincare featuring beeswax, honey, and propolis.

  • Brunas Cheese Bread

    Always at the Market!

    We help our costumers with Gluten Free intolerance, or even those who does not, but are looking for something, quick, easy, nutritional and most important delicious ,by bringing our Freezer to oven Brazilian Cheese Bread. We are committed to using only the finest, hand-picked ingredients, with absolutely nothing artificial. And because our Brazilian Cheese Bread are made with tapioca flour they are also naturally GLUTEN FREE.
    Freezer to Oven and ready in 20min!

  • Cassavaberry

    Delicious, easy to make grain/gluten-free, vegan mixes to make cookies, brownies, waffles and tortillas. “Omg these cookies/brownies are so good” and “These tortillas don’t fall apart!” So tasty you don’t need to be gluten-free to enjoy them!! Grab-n-Go bags of freshly baked mixes will also be available.

  • Confetti Confections

    Confetti Baked Goods
    White Chocolate & Chocolate Brownies
    Confetti Sweetly Covered Corn
    Butter Toffee & Caramel
    Confetti Sugar Cookies

    Confetti Confections Baked Yummies Are All Made From Scratch With Fresh Ingredients.

  • Cream City Market

    Always at the Market!

    Wisconsin Cheese curds in five flavors,
    Mozzarella string cheese ‘Whips’
    Genuine Wisconsin Brick cheese (a Wisconsin Original)
    Small-batch Flavored Butters

  • Denver Bone Broth

    Always at the Market!

    We produce all-natural, full-flavor, nutritious, sipping bone broths that help fuel the highly aspirational active and health & wellness lifestyles. Sip For Life!

    Locally made in Denver. We currently offer 32 oz. glass jars of custom Chicken, Beef, and Veggie bone broth recipes. These are sold frozen for peak freshness intended for take-home use. Additionally, we offer hot 12oz. cups for on-site consumption. We will also introduce our cooking fats in the spring so our 16oz. jars of beef tallow and chicken fat will be available at the market.

  • Doughology

    Always at the Market!

    Hello! We proudly serve allergen free sweet and savory breads. This includes different varieties of banana and zucchini bread as well as focaccia bread.

  • Eat 100 Foods

    Always at the Market!

    Handcrafted meals from fresh local ingredients ready to heat and eat, including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and healthy protein options.
    Check out this weeks menu at

  • Great Harvest Bread Co

    Always at the Market!

    Fresh baked breads and sweets made from quality ingredients. Our large variety includes muffins, teacakes, bread, rolls, cookies, mixes and more!

  • Healthy Harvest LLC

    Sustainably-sourced, certified organic olive oil, olives, and balsamic vinegar from family farms in the Mediterranean that we visit personally.

    We lab test our products to ensure quality, and our family packages all products in our commercial kitchen in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Ideal Foods Company

    Always at the Market!

    We offer all natural amazing salsas and hot sauces. They are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free

  • Love Pickled LLC

    Always at the Market!

    Pickles! Pickled vegetables, pickled garlic, pickled olives, pickled eggs, and our famous bloody marry mix.

  • Mo Sweets

    Simply Bee Organics is a mission driven organic functional honey company dedicated to spreading the seeds wellness for the people, planet and bees. Our wellness products fund our mission to educate through building living classrooms of pollinator corridors partnering with communities and schools to spread the seeds of change one flower at a time.
    We give away Free Wildflower seeds so you can help save the bees.
    Organic Herbal Honeys
    Organic Honey + Organic Fruit
    Organic Honey + Organic Chocolate
    Native Bee Houes (Hand Made)
    Beeswax Candles (hand made)
    Lip Balms

  • Moringa Infusions

    Our raw, living and nutrient-dense organic concentrates are crafted by slowly infusing powerful and adaptogenic moringa leaves, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (with the mother), wild honey (directly from our bees) and other thoughtfully selected and health-promoting herbs, berries and flowers.

  • NOCO Chocolates LLC

    All natural, handcrafted chocolates and caramels. Chocolate bars, caramels, and bonbons made with all natural and organic ingredients to maintain a simple, yet flavorful ingredient profile. Soy-free, corn-free, gluten-free with a large variety of vegan friendly options.

  • Out Yonder Jerky LLC

    Always at the Market!

    With Colorado raised beef and handcrafted marinades we aim to provide a healthy and nutritious snack with simple ingredients for everyone to enjoy!

    Our Mission: We encourage everyone to Go Out Yonder. Whether it be hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking or horseback riding, Out Yonder Jerky is the ideal protein packed snack for you! So grab that bag of jerky and get Out Yonder!

    Check Us Out & Order Online:
    FB: Out Yonder Jerky
    IG: @outyonderjerky
    Tik Tok: @outyonderjerky

  • Pastamore Gourmet Foods

    Always at the Market!

    Barrel aged balsamic vinegars, olive oil blends, marinades, pastas, and gluten free pastas

  • Pebbledash Bake Shoppe LLC

    We offer small French-style pastries such as macarons, petit fours, and both sweet and savory tarts. We also offer homemade jellies and jams made using locally sourced fruit (apple butter, peach and plum just to name a few).

  • Pet Wants Boulder

    Fresh pet food, single ingredient treats, all-natural chews, and homemade “spaw” products. “Spaw” products include a calming balm, healing salve, paw wax, and flea and tick spray.

  • Redemption Road Coffee

    Come change the world with us, one freshly brewed cup of coffee at a time! We sell single origin, small batch freshly roasted cups of hot coffee and dark chocolate cold brew as well as coffee accessories (coffee soap, coffee lip balm, coffee spice rub, coffee bags, pods!)

  • Rich Brownies

    Always at the Market!

    Brownies, Blondies and Bars are handmade in small batches from ingredients of the highest quality in Evergreen, Colorado. Dark chocolate, cane sugar, fresh eggs, butter, flour and sea salt are transformed into brownies that are just the right mix of chewy, fudgy and chocolaty. Rich Brownies come in 68 varieties including gluten free and vegan options. They are the best brownies you’ve ever tasted!

  • SelvaSur Gelato Ice Cream

    Always at the Market!

    Our gelato and ice cream made from scratch from our organic coffee beans, along with other popular flavors such as, cookies and cream, strawberry, cherry, dairy-free pineapple and many more. Enjoy the fresh flavors of fruit and imported spices made with love just for you!

  • Simply Bee Organics

    Simply Bee Organics is a mission driven organic functional honey company dedicated to spreading the seeds wellness for the people, planet and bees. Our wellness products fund our mission to educate through building living classrooms of pollinator corridors partnering with communities and schools to spread the seeds of change one flower at a time.
    We give away Free Wildflower seeds so you can help save the bees.
    Organic Herbal Honeys
    Organic Honey + Organic Fruit
    Organic Honey + Organic Chocolate
    Native Bee Houes (Hand Made)
    Beeswax Candles (hand made)
    Lip Balms

  • Sinister Bakers LLC

    Always at the Market!

    Sinister Bakers’ pastry and bread laboratory is located in a secret castle dungeon within the Erie, Colorado boundaries. The laboratory is known for creating traditional, freshly concocted, devilishly delicious baked goods! We spoil your future mad scientists with cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and cake pops. Adults are mesmerized and hypnotized by our fruit filled “coffins” commonly referred to as a pie, our cookies, breads, muffins, pastries, and custom cakes.

  • Sprucestone Ranch

    Located in unincorporated Weld county, we run an apiary and leather studio at our hobby farm. Our creations include:
    Our Raw Local Honey – From beehives untreated with chemical pesticides, it is free of any additives, just good old-fashion honey, the way nature intended. We have a hands-off approach to bee keeping, encouraging swarms and new-queen production. Come try a taste!
    We offer a naturally gluten-free Country Granola, it is made with a healthy dose of our Raw Local Honey as well as many organic ingredients. Stop by for a sample!
    A Galaxy Candle is naturally clean-burning, essential oil scented candle that features the excess wax from our beehives. We use a coconut oil blend to help promote even burning and scent diffusion. Named for the silver leaf and lusted dust that swirl cosmically when burning.
    Our Leather Products are all one of a kind, and are made with the highest quality Herman Oak Vegetable Tanned Leather or ethically sourced hides, we view our leather work as a way of giving thanks for the beautiful animals of Earth. Come by for a view of our Venetian Themed Masks!

  • SugarBee Cookie Company

    SugarBee Cookie Company offers fun and unique cookies that tell sweet and savory stories. Inspired by great memories of kicking back with family and friends, enjoy the BBQ White Chocolate Cherry, celebrating birthday nostalgia with Party Inside, or fueling strange cravings with the Dill Pickle Peanut Butter. Our flavors inspire an OMG experience where foodie meets comfort, meets cookie. Always baked with non-gluten and often non-dairy ingredients, We Believe in Cookie Equity, loved by all.

  • Taormina Gourmet International Foods

    Always at the Market!

    Full Service Espresso Bar and Selling roasted Coffee as a pre packaged item as well!

  • The 5280 Mermaid

    We sell craft cocktail/mocktail infusion kits where you add your own liquor to infuse in our hand cut dehydrated fruits, infused sugars and spices. We also sell mocktails which can be made into tea. Check out our 9 flavors of dried soup mixes, each making up to 8 cups and have no MSG. Dip mixes which double as spice mixes.
    We have 65 funny named candles that we can add to the mix!

  • The Family Jones

    Always at the Market!

    We are a full distillery and would offer samples of our products and sell our bottles. Here is a list of our distilled spirits

    Jones House Vodka
    Jones House Gin
    Jones House American Whiskey
    Annika Jones Vodka
    Juniper Jones Gin
    Earl Grey Juniper Jones Gin
    Mo Jones Rum
    Pechuga Mo Jones Rum
    Trve Jones Genever
    Atticus Jones Rye
    Ella Jones Bourbon
    Sherry Ella Jones Bourbon
    Automatic Jones Rock and Rye
    Automatic Jones Old Fashioned
    Automatic Jones Cosmopolitan
    Automatic Jones Martini

    Plus we have shirts, hats, beanies, and flasks.

  • Tlaquesalsa

    Always at the Market!


  • Yummy Lotus

    Always at the Market!

    ummy Lotus gourmet pepper jams are CO local, small batch crafted, vegan and gluten free. We use only the freshest ingredients and keep the recipes simple so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.
    Each of our flavors is crafted to have an evolutionary experience that flows from one flavor to the next, coming together in perfect harmony at the end. We specifically use a different pepper and fruit in each of our jams so each jar is its own unique experience.
    We look forward to nourish your soul this season.

  • Yummy Yummy Products LLC

    Always at the Market!

    We are a new local business, all of our products are made from the scratch and we offer several Vegan and Gluten Free options cooked in a traditional way.
    No GMO or preservatives are added to any of our products so most of them last between 20 to 30 days before expiration.
    Here are the products that we offer :
    Hummus : Classic, Avocado, Spicy Black bean, Spicy Pepper, Roasted Garlic, Beet, Balsamic Vinegar, Cilantro Jalepno, Spinach Feta Cheese and Artichoke.
    Tomato Garlic Spread
    Greek Kefir Cheese Yogurt : Fig, Lemon, Apricot, Mango, Vanilla, Chocolate Vanilla, Nutella, Plain, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry Guava, Sour Cherry, Tzaziki and Spicy Tzazik
    Salads : Tabouli, Cucumber, Bruschetta, Tri Color Salad (Corn Salad)
    Chips : Baked GF Garbanzo Chips, Fried Pita Chips (Lemon Pepper and Garlic and Herbs).
    Kefir cheese balls marinated in olive oil in jars : Plain, Jalapeno, Sundried Tomato and Olive.
    Everything is Pre-Packed and made with love !

Ready to Consume

  • Cristos Boutique Roastery and Cafe

    Always at the Market!

    Popping Boba and lemonade- weekly flavor options. Cristos Coffee Merch, Fresh roasted Beans


    Always at the Market!

    Sandwiches, Tacos, Kids menu, Baklava
    All Foods are fresh cut and hand made.

  • Koglers Bakery

    Always at the Market!

    Breads, pastries, quiches, strudel, croissants

  • Moxie Bread Co.

    Always at the Market!

    Bread, pastries, fresh-milled grains.

  • Oat Paws

    Oat Paws is an organic, nutrient-rich dog ice cream that is made especially for canines. It is a healthier substitute than traditional ice cream because we make it with natural and organic components. In order to make a creamy and tasty treat for dogs, the recipe normally calls for components like homemade organic unsweetened oat milk, green lipped mussels from New Zealand, and coconut cream. Due to the inclusion of whole foods in the ice cream, your puppy’s ice cream is bursting with vitamins and minerals. Visit us this summer, and we’ll ensure that your dog stays healthy while ensuring that the ingredients in our ice cream makes it the pupfect summertime treat for dogs!

  • Pearl St Grill LLC dba Smoothie Stop Rollin Sushi

    Smoothie Stop: We offer a variety of flavors and combinations to cater to different tastes and dietary needs. Whether you’re looking for a fruity and refreshing drink, a protein-packed meal replacement, or a superfood-packed energy boost, we’ve got you covered.
    Our smoothies are made with only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, sourced from local farmers and organic suppliers whenever possible.
    Rollin’ Sushi: Sushi is an art form, and our business takes that very seriously. We offer a wide variety of sushi options, from classic rolls to creative fusion dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds, all made with the freshest available produce in the area.

  • Sexy Donut Co LLC

    Always at the Market!

    We will be selling savory and sweet, homemade treats including donuts, scones, muffins, and breakfast sandwiches to eat at the market or take home. We will also be sharing samples of the popular meal items we make and deliver in the Boulder area including gumbo, Mac and Cheese, Focaccia and lasagna.

  • The Aguilar Four LLC

    Our homemade, Spanish-origin churros are made fresh as they are ordered, then rolled in cinnamon and sugar or hot cocoa, resulting in a treat that is crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. You can also try our churro candy bar bites or churro Oreo treats. We have chocolate and caramel dipping sauces for those who want an extra special. No one can resist them!

  • The Baklava Guy

    I am offering an Old World Baklava that’s the not too sweet taste of the Eastern Mediterranean.

    This has Flaky Phyllo pastry filled with walnuts and sugar covered with a honey, cinnamon and clove syrup make a delectable concoction unmatched anywhere.

  • XLVIIs Bakery

    Always at the Market!

    Baked goods (Pretzels, French Pastries and sourdough breads)


  • Longmont Dairy Farm

    Always at the Market!