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Live music at the Market!

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no pay
PAY: $40
9:15AM - 10:45AM11AM - 1PM
5/20/2017Schiffer Dance(10:30-11) Cara Trom
5/27/2017DJ DKOMitchel Evan
6/3/2017LOUISPALOOZA!10 Year Itch 9:30 -11DRIVE! A Cars Band Tribute - 11:30 - 1pm
6/10/2017Gregg Green The School of Rock
6/17/2017Defunkt RailroadRyan Creager
6/24/2017Mike LamitolaHippie Buckaroos
7/1/2017Gregg Green Many Mountains
7/8/2017DJ DKODefunkt Railroad
7/15/2017Kim & JerryTim Beach
7/22/2017Mike LamitolaMitchel Evan
7/29/2017Tim BeachStolen Moonshine
8/5/2017DJ DKOThirty Year Itch
8/12/2017Kutandara CenterGregg Green
8/19/2017Cara Trom The Hunter Hamiliton Group
8/26/2017Flight Performing ArtsKutandara Center
9/2/2017DJ DKOHippie Buckaroos
9/9/2017Key of SheKutandara Center
9/16/2017Tim BeachMany Mountains
9/23/2017Kim & JerryGregg Green
9/30/2017Kutandara CenterAll About Brass
10/7/2017Old Town Contra Dance-Kat Fritz/Rodney SauerMike Lamitola
10/14/2017DJ DKODrive! A Cars Band Tribute