Sundays • 9AM – 1PM
June 2 – Sept 29

32nd and Lowell • Denver 80211
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Vendors for Jun 2, 2019

Farms • Orchards • Flowers • Plants

All of our farms are GMO free.

Jewelry • Art • Clothing

  • FSTO

    Always at the Market!

  • No Frill Candles

    Always at the Market!

    Soy candles in simple mason jars.

Packaged & Prepared Goods

  • AspenLeaf Salts

    Always at the Market!

    Gourmet Salts

  • Baba and Pops Pierogi

    Always at the Market!


  • Brad B Jammin

    Specializing in Jam with heat and non-heat.

  • Brother Mels Southern Style BBQ Sauce

    Brother Mel’s Southern Style BBQ Sauce. All Natural – no additives. Gluten Free. Fat Free. Not to tart, not too sweet but the perfect balance of tangy to compliment smoked meats and other delectable edibles.

  • Cajun mountain girl creations

    Always at the Market!

    Picked veggies

  • Decadent Saint Winery

    Always at the Market!


  • Green Belly Foods

    Always at the Market!

    Green Belly Foods is a Guatemalan foods producer based in Boulder, CO. Our hot sauces are inspired by traditional Guatemalan home-made sauces. They are simple and delicious, packed with flavor and heat, they are a pleasure to have with all your meals. We carefully select the finest ingredients to bring you the fresh, full body taste of Guatemalan foods. We import some of our peppers directly from Guatemalan Mayan Q’eqchi’ farmers. We also produce traditional Guatemalan refried black beans, truly unique and delicious, they are always a huge hit at farmers markets! Breakfast, lunch, dinner – even snacks, are all enhanced with some Green Belly flavor!

  • Kettle Head Popcorn

    Always at the Market!

    An assortment of specialty popcorn flavors. Locally cooked, distributed, and recognized. Prices range from $5-$9

  • La esmeralda

    Always at the Market!

  • La Mozzarella

    Always at the Market!

  • Moringa Infusions

    Always at the Market!

  • Mortal Kombucha

    Always at the Market!


  • Nummy Nibbles

    Always at the Market!

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    Packaged & Prepared Goods

  • Pastamore Gourmet Foods

    Always at the Market!

    Barrel aged balsamic vinegars, olive oil blends, marinades, pastas, and gluten free pastas

  • Prohibited Provisions

    4 different flavors of naturally (raw ingredients) flavored garlic mixes to give people a convenient way to cook more creatively. Each jar is made in Golden, CO and based out of Denver.

  • Sangre Azul Blood of the Blue Agave

    Always at the Market!

    “Sangre Azul, Blood of the Blue Agave, is a Denver based company, born Cinco de Mayo 2016 ~ named for the featured spirit of the margarita ~ reposado tequila, distilled from 100% Blue Weber Agave.

    We craft 100% Premium Cocktail Juices (non-alcoholic). Our inspiration, to craft an all juice margarita, other cocktails, and/or non-alcoholic mocktails, to replace fructose-y, sugar-y mixes that contain unnecessary ingredients. 100% juice, no added sugar, water, preservatives or anything you can’t pronounce ~ just juice. Crafted recipes, made with fresh ingredients, are a perfect blend of sweet & tart.

    Enjoy with premium spirits ~ tequila, vodka, dark rum, champagne for mimosas, red wine for Sangria, as mocktails with soda water, and deliciously fresh on their own.

    Sangre Azul celebrates life & friends, bringing people together, by crafting hand squozen recipes into crave-able & mouth-watering Premium Cocktail Juices to enjoy when out and at home.”

  • St. Kilians Cheese Shop

  • Styria Bakery II

    Always at the Market!

    Gourmet breads, Pretzels, Strudel, Scones, Bread Dipping Sauce

  • Sweets and Sourdough

    Always at the Market!

    Fresh baked artisan bread specializing in sourdough and pastries including muffins, croissants. etc..

  • The Butter Barrel

    Always at the Market!

    Specialty butters and buttercreme

  • The Honey People

    Always at the Market!


  • The PB Love Company

    Always at the Market!

    Small batch nut butters

  • Winnie Lou- The Canine Company

    Always at the Market!

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