Sundays • 9am – 1pm
May 15 – Oct 16, 2022
3010 E 6th Avenue
Denver 80218
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SOL Farmers Market is located on the property of SOL Lingerie on 6th Ave in Denver. This market is surrounded by a charming neighborhood, specialty shops and fine dining and hosting the last independent shops in Cherry Creek. 

We are pleased to offer locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables, eggs, artisan breads, coffee, tea, baked goods, fresh salsas, pastas, and much more to this wonderful community.

Our farmers sell Colorado-grown organic, transitional and pesticide-free vegetables. Our orchard keepers bring Certified organic fruit from Palisades, Colorado. The quality and diversity of our vendors’ produce and products promises you an exciting shopping experience in a friendly, family atmosphere. And shopping locally benefits our Colorado farms, the environment, the community and the economy.

We are sure you will enjoy your visit!

Vendors for Sep 4, 2022

Farms • Orchards • Flowers • Plants

All of our farms are GMO free.

  • Conscious Farms

    Always at the Market!

    pasture raised chicken and eggs

  • Green Yams LLC

    Matcha Based teas. I offer Matcha & Lion’s mane Mushroom(I grow and make Lion’s mane powder), Match&Cacao, and CBD& Matcha. I offer a premade Drink with the Matcha & Lion’s Mane and Matcha and Cacao.

    I also grow gourmet mushrooms. I grow 4 types of oysters and Lion’s mane mushrooms, I grow reishi as well, but I mainly grow that to turn into powders. I also make a mushroom drink powder called Mushroom Brew.

  • Miller Farms

    Always at the Market!

    Colorado vegetables grown Pesticide-free: No pesticides, herbicides or insecticides are used at Miller Farms.

Packaged & Prepared Goods

  • Ideal Foods Company

    We offer all natural amazing salsas and hot sauces. They are 100% Vegan and Gluten Free

  • SelvaSur Coffee Ice Cream

    Our imported gourmet coffee beans are freshly roasted every week! Enjoy the fresh taste of Chiapas organic harvest, that give a tangy taste and a wonderful after taste! (Louisville Only)
    Our ice cream made from scratch from our organic coffee beans, along with other popular flavors such as, cookies and cream, strawberry, cherry, and dairy-free pineapple. Enjoy the fresh flavors of fruit and imported spices made with love just for you! (Erie and Louisville)

  • Sweets Sourdough

    Always at the Market!

    Fresh baked artisan bread, specializing in sourdough and pastries including muffins, croissants. etc..

Ready to Consume

  • Uncle Chris – HITK LLC

    A little introduction on myself, my name is Christopher Arcodia and my love for the culinary arts goes on for as long as I can remember. I come from Italian blood and both myself and my parents were always cooking in the kitchen. I learned to cook with love and from there I developed old school techniques that truly characterizes the art of homemade cooking. I can remember vividly waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh fried chicken cutlets and Sunday sauce and let me tell you, that beats any breakfast imaginable. I and my husband Erik recently relocated from NY where we both grew up, to beautiful Loveland Colorado. We have nieces and nephews in Colorado and Florida and cooking for them lights up both of our worlds. Therefore, that’s where the brand name was born, “UNCLE CHRIS’S”. (Sauces, soups, lasagna, and more.)

    Whats On The Menu –

    Original Sunday Sauce
    Spicy Sunday Sauce
    Vodka Sauce
    Spicy Vodka Sauce
    French onion Soup / will rotate out for season
    Sausage and peppers